Rice Factory
MORTEVILLE ~ Swamp Parish State

rice factory

The Rice Factory and its little sister The Brick Yard are enduring morteville squats , well known to many a degenerate filthy scum bag who fall off the trains on the public belt siding right next to this place. By enduring squat please note that i mean that despite that its been invaded by the guard, evicted dozens of times, boreded up over and over again, and changed owners about three times, none has managed to actually shut it down and kids keep staying in its dank moldy rotting interior...its kind of yucky, but its a pretty pretty building, its the closest reliable squat to the quarter, its a great roof for drinking and dancing on, and it has secret passages and overhead roll down doors to make the upper chambers not only national guard resistant, but %95 zombie proof.

top floor has exquisit loft living space to die for... we stole the ladder to the loft cuz macaroni was gonna use it for a tree fort, but then the grail got evicted... a mission to reaquire the rice factory loft ladder may be nessessary.

with a labrinth of shops and offices and unfathomable renovationconstrcuctiondemolition going on, theres rooms with weird chiken wire cages and metal shops and big vast empty rooms with ferns growing out of the colapsing floors, but no actual evidence of any kind of production or manufacturing of rice giant sanding machines, piles of garbage, giant holes dug down to the mississippisssippi and a room with dozens of drawers of every kind of rusty bolt imaginable, but no rice making machines !!!

the moniker rice factory is taken from popular venacular on an excercise of willfull faith....

Sasha Von Bastard, member of the militant barrista resistance movement, will get black out drunk and phrog your squat.

phrogging is squatting a house were other people live without them detecting you

on the short and shrinking list off spots for lolly fucks to climb something and drink on top of it, rice factory is the top destination right now, rivalled possibly only by my own personal secret entire city block roof camp i have.

we heart you, rice factory.

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